Ultimate Super 16 Package 

Our Ultimate Super 16 package is the easiest way to shoot 16mm film in the UK. With everything you need to get rolling all provided in one package. The set consists of the Arriflex SR3, a compact and reliable workhorse of a Super 16 camera, paired with our Zeiss Super Speed 16 set of six lenses.

In addition this set also includes 3x 400ft film rolls of your choice preloaded in the magazines. It doesn’t get easier than that. If you require more or less film, over multiple days this can all be arranged over the phone or by email.

£1000 per day (ex vat)

Full Kit List
1x Arriflex SR3 Body w/ HD Videotap
2x Arriflex Batteries
1x Battery Charger
3x Magazines (pre loaded)
3x Your choice of Kodak 16mm stock
1xTop Handle
1x Viewfinder Extension
1x 15mm bar bracket
2x 19mm bars
1x Loading Tent
5x Zeiss Super Speed 16 lenses
1x Panther 8mm lens
2x Side Handle
1x Shoulder Pad
1x Dovetail Base
1xArri Standard Dovetail
1x HDSDI Videotap Power Cable
1x HDSDI Videotap Control Cable

Kodak 16mm Film Choices

Vision3 400ft (122m) 50D/7203 
Vision3 400ft (122m) 250D/7207 
Vision3 400ft (122m) 200T/7213
Vision3 400ft (122m) 500T/7219 
Double X 400ft (122m) Black & White 7222

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